After my initial consultation with Mr. Boskovic, where we went over my motivational profile, things that I had been doing, how I have been behaving and reacting to other people, became clear.

Getting to be aware of my motivations has made me better able to deal and work with other people. It is not only that I now can identify my motivations, why I do things or react in a particular way but it has also given me an insight into the possible motivations of other people enabling me to better and more harmoniously interact with them.

It almost seems like manipulation. If I react to or treat a person in a particular way, a particular outcome or reaction will almost certainly occur. It is all in understanding yourself and how you affect others and how they affect you.

Subsequent consultations with Mr. Boskovic have made many aspects of my personality, my motivations and how I react to people, clearer. I understand ME more.

These are things we all take for granted and do not really understand because we have not taken the time to look at our selves and what drives us. This is what Mr. Boskovic is offering, a small tool to helping ME to understand US and the sometimes very complicated dynamic of interpersonal relations leading to a better more harmonious professional and personal experience.

Testimonial from Carl G., 37 y., Bad Homburg

It's about awareness. It is simple. It's like reading a cleaning care label with washing instructions. Try it yourself.


Thorsten H., Frankfurt

"Mein Fazit zum Reiss Profile / der Motivanalyse: Ich war an vielen Punkten überrascht, Dinge über mich zu erfahren, die ich so nie eingeschätzt hätte!"

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Lesenswerte Bücher zur Motivanalyse

Oft fragt man mich: "Haben Sie vielleicht ein paar gute Tipps für mich, welche Bücher in Sachen Motive und Motivationsforschung lesenswert sind? Klare Antwort: Ja, habe ich.  

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Zhang J., Hannover

" 认清了这个本质的区别,我知道了我的动力来源,在做任何一项决定的时候,容易了很多。"

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Lea L., Giessen

"Kurz gesagt: Meine Akzeptanz gegenüber anderen Meinungen vergrößerte sich dadurch."

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”Deine Einstellung dazu, wer du bist und was du hast, ist eine sehr kleine Sache, die einen sehr großen Unterschied macht.”

Theodore Roosevelt